Energy canopy

Climate Responsive Spijkerkwartier - Energy canopy

The energy canopy covers many of the roofs and parts of the courtyards in the Spijkerkwartier. The canopy is carried by large scaffoldings that can also bear the load of the rows of wind turbines above the buildings of the neighbourhood. The canopy has three functions. It has glass panels with photovoltaic (BIPV) to transform solar energy. The surface of the canopy makes a wind catch area that leads the wind to wind turbines on the eastern flanks of the building blocks. The canopy also creates shade to cool the environment.

Extra wind energy is gained through the use of the novel ‘vibro wind’ technology that generates electricity from lower wind fluxes. These systems can be implemented in areas in the streetscapes. The streets that have openings to the west/southwest and catch much wind are the most suitable. On the border between the Spijkerkwartier and the central ring road of Arnhem, these streets are given an extra feature: an ‘energy arch’ with ‘vibro wind’ elements that shows the neighbourhood’s ambitions to meet energy challenges.

The ‘energy canopy’ is a radical intervention that can provide for 100% of the energy demand of the Spijkerkwartier. The spaces under the canopy will have a lowered physical equivalent temperature on hot summer days of about 2 ºC.

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