People directly involved


In the course of the years Climatelier has grown and through our projects and publication activities we were able to build up a strong network. We cooperated with many people within academia, local governance, non-governmental organisations and urban design and consultancy practice on an international level.

Sanda Lenzholzer

The Climatelier was founded by Sanda Lenzholzer who started to work on the topic of urban climate within the landscape architecture group of Wageningen University in 2004. She soon extended the activities on her own PhD research about thermal perception in urban public spaces into teaching and consultancy projects. From 2010 onwards research projects on urban climate and design were acquired and the core team was extended. Sanda is an associate professor at Wageningen University and principal investigator at the Advanced Metropolitan Solutions Institute (AMS).

João Cortesão

João joined the landscape architecture group of Wageningen University to work on the REALCOOL (2016-2018) . He is now an assistant professor (tenure track) and works on the DeSIRE project at our group, embedded in a large consortium of the four Dutch technical universities.

Sjoerd Brandsma

Sjoerd is a researcher and lecturer at the landscape architecture group of Wageningen University. He is collaborating with the Municipality of Amsterdam to improve the practice of shaping urban climates. By doing research-through-design he is working on the effectiveness and challenges of microclimate improvement in ongoing projects.

Dimitri Voordeckers

Dimitri is a PhD researcher within the research group for urban developments at the University of Antwerp. He holds a master's degree in architecture (UHasselt) and in urban design and spatial planning (KU Leuven). In 2017, Dimitri became the laureate of the VRP graduation prize in Flanders. Within his current research, Dimitri focusses on the potential contribution of urban design to increase air quality in the narrow streets in the urban environment.

Wiebke Klemm

Wiebke joined the landscape architecture group of Wageningen University in 2011 to conduct her PhD research on urban green infrastructure and urban heat alleviation within the project ‘Climate Proof Cities’, part of the Dutch Knowledge for Climate programme. She defended her PhD thesis in November 2018 and now acts as a senior policy advisor at the municipality of The Hague.

Rick Lensink

Rick joined us for the CLIMCAP project as a student assistant during 2015 and helped preparing and teaching the CLIMCAP pilot course. Rick graduated in 2015 with an award-winning MSc thesis on urban climate and works in design practice now.

René van Seumeren

René assisted us in making and editing the results of the Climate analysis and adaptation study for Tiel in 2011/12. René graduated in 2012 and works in design practice now.

Jeroen Matthijssen

Jeroen was a student assistant for the Designing atmospheres project in 2009. He helped drawing and designing solutions for small scale urban climate-responsive interventions. Jeroen has been working in international design practices after his graduation in 2010.

Eric Bovekerk

Eric was a student assistant for the Designing atmospheres project in 2006/2007. He translated many site data into GIS maps and made orderly posters of all the results. After his graduation in 2008 Eric has worked in design practice.

Collaborators at WUR

Adri van den Brink, Emeritus LAR
Jusuck Koh, Emeritus LAR
Ingrid Duchhart, LAR
Sven Stremke, LAR
Monique Jansen, LAR
Gert-Jan Steeneveld, MAQ
Bert van Hove, MAQ
Bert Holtslag, MAQ
Bert Heusinkveld, MAQ
Cor Jacobs, WEnR
Wim Timmermans, WEnR
Sjerp de Vries, WEnR
Bram ten Cate, WEnR
Janine Quist, Wageningen Academy

External collaborators from academia

Marjolein Dohmen-Janssen, University of Twente
Tatiana Filatova, University of Twente
Lutz Katzschner, INKEK
Robert D. Brown, Texas A&M
Marialena Nikolopoulou, University of Kent
Carolina Vasilikou, University of Kent
Sofia Thorsson, University of Gothenburg
Michael Bruse, University of Mainz
Jeroen Kluck, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Lisette Klok, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Laura Kleerekoper, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Andy van den Dobbelsteen, TU Delft
Frank van der Hoeven, TU Delft
Monika Steinrücke, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Blanca Arellano, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona
Rolando Biere, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona
Josep Roca, Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona

External collaborators from local governments

Hans van Ammers, Arnhem municipality
Annemieke Spit, Tiel municipality
Ton Verhoeven, Nijmegen municipality
Charlotte Buys, Amsterdam municipality
Age Niels Holstein, Amsterdam municipality
Ben Rozema, Amsterdam municipality
Gregor van Lit, Amsterdam municipality
Thomas Klomp, Hoogeveen municipality
Rik Meier, Enschede municipality
Hans-Georg Dannert, Frankfurt municipality
Erwin Rebergen, Utrecht municipality
Martine Beuken, s’Hertogenbosch municipality

External collaborators from non-governmental institutions

Patrick Hoogenbosch, DeBlauweWijkEconomie
Annette de Vries, ANMEC
Diane Smith, TCPA
Isobel Bruun-Kiaer, TCPA

External collaborators from companies

Jochen Mülder, Lenné3D
Martin Knuijt, OKRA
Dirk van Peijpe, De Urbanisten
Desiree Uitzetter, bpd developers
Karin Stone, Deltares
Pim de Kwaadsteniet, TAUW
Veroniek Bezemer, Veroniek Bezemer consultancy
Muriel Denayer, Alliander