Dressed in green

Climate Responsive Spijkerkwartier - Dressed in green

The Dressed in green project follows a very careful approach with punctual interventions. It proposes to implement photovoltaic panels with intricate movable systems on the non-monumental building fronts with good sun exposure and to place solar panels on all available roofs. Other building fronts are covered with green panels too cool the environment and insulate the buildings. These green panels are part of a rotation system in which the building occupants can change panels according to their preferences. The green panels are stored in a kind of ‘library’ ready to be swapped, the building fronts of a ‘green hub’. Paving of the streets is minimized as cars are parked centrally in the green hub. The gained spaces are used for bioswales that are part of the new rainwater system in the quarter.

The green hubs are multi-storey buildings spread over the neighbourhood and serve as central spots with multiple functions. For renewable energy production they are clad with photovoltaic panels on sun-exposed façades and have wind turbines integrated in the top of the building. The buildings include a parking garage for electrical cars and at the same time the parked cars act as storage for the locally generated energy. The hubs thus also work as a local energy ‘battery’. The hubs act as an urban cooling actor through the green panel exchange that can be found on the north-facing surfaces. The basements contain water storage facilities for excess rainwater that can also be used to water the green panels. Last but not least, the ground and top floors are reserved for social functions for the neighbourhood, such as playgrounds and urban agriculture.

This rather careful approach would meet the energy needs of 60% of the electricity, but only 5.5% of the necessary heating energy. The reduction of air temperature in the streetscapes is expected to be between 2.5 to almost 4 ºC depending on the available surfaces for green roofs and wall panels.

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