Linear power

Climate Responsive Spijkerkwartier - Linear power

This project focuses on small interventions, mainly above the street spaces. These interventions consist of vertical frameworks for solar panels that additionally shade the streets and that also carry the street lighting. On these frames, bifacial solar panels move with the sun, providing optimal exploitation of solar power.

Another major intervention is to un-pave the streets as much as possible to create a cooler environment and space for rainwater infiltration. The cars that were parked in these streets before are moved to central parking garages. This way the Parkstraat is transformed from a ‘parking street’ to a park street in the literal sense of the word—a linear park, forming the green spine of the neighbourhood.

This approach leads to provision of 22% of the total energy demand. The reduction of the physical equivalent temperature on hot summer days will be between 2.5-3.5 ºC, depending on the street orientations and geometries.

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