Climate Responsive Spijkerkwartier - Chrystalhood

This project proposes to radically change the east-west orientated streets in the Spijkerkwartier because of the high-energy fluxes present. The paving is reduced and raingardens are implemented to cool the area and retain peak rainwater. The north-facing façades are greened and the south-facing façades are used for solar power generation. New awnings above the sidewalks provide shade and space for photovoltaic panels. Ornamental solar boilers that replace window shutters and balcony railings generate thermal energy that is stored in underground aquifers.

In four open spots in the Spijkerkwartier, multifunctional spaces are created that are covered by photovoltaic panels and flanked by a ‘wind wall’ carrying a range of small wind turbines. Under these hoods many activities can take place: electric car parking with ‘battery’ function and communal activities such as local markets, playgrounds, communal kitchens, repair cafés or festivals. Other functions can be housed in buildings underneath the ‘hoods’: kindergartens, ateliers, residences and many others.

The interventions in the streetscapes and related to the hoods cater for 50% of the total energy demand of the Spijkerkwartier. The interventions in the east-west streetscapes for cooling will provide a lowering of the physical equivalent temperature on hot summer days of about 3 ºC.

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