Solutions for outdoor climate adaptation

Solutions for outdoor climate adaptation -SOLOCLIM

2019-2023, EU MSCA European Industrial Doctorates, project PI: Sanda Lenzholzer, partners: University of Kent, Politecnico di Milano, Foster+Partners, ZinCo, Carlo Ratti Associates, Arcadis

The aim of SOLOCLIM is to develop a doctoral training programme that enables young researchers to generate solutions for urban outdoor environments. Cities create their own climates which are often problematic and the solutions to these problems are to be found in the (re-)design of cities. Some solutions are known such as the use of vegetation, but there are still many remaining questions about the impact of vertical green as well as the proper distribution of green in cities to have an optimal effect. Moreover, upcoming systems using water vapour as a coolant as well as flexible systems that respond to microclimate have not been studied yet. SOLOCLIM will develop such solutions on different scale levels from small scale around buildings to a larger neighbourhood/city scale and test their effects. The industry in architecture, urban and landscape design is in need of these innovative solutions as climate adaptation in cities is one of the largest challenges for the future. All plans and designs that the industry develops have to respond to the urban (micro)climate challenges. Apart from the availability of solutions the industry also needs the expertise. This expertise
involves design and research skills related to urban (micro)climate. SOLOCLIM trains experts in this field and offers a training for advanced climate responsive design that will be offered to the PhD students as well as some parts to a broader community and beyond the duration of SOLOCLIM.

Please find more information on the SOLOCLIM website