A global state of affairs: Urban Climate Adaptation

A global state of affairs: urban climate adaptation

2015-2018, non-funded, project leader: Sanda Lenzholzer, team members: Gerrit-Jan Carsjens, Robert D. Brown, Jennifer Vanos, Silvia Tavares

There is ample evidence on how to build and retrofit cities for a better urban climate. But the actual implementation of design directives largely varies worldwide. We need to find out in which way they differ and what the ‘success and failure’ factors might be. The study is conducted with other colleagues in various countries worldwide and consists of semi- structured in-depth interviews with specialists and other members of society in the respective countries. We either conducted the interviews by ourselves or involve PhD and MSc thesis students from the different countries. We finalized the interviews for Belgium, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, Bulgaria, Kenia, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Brazil and Indonesia. In spring 2018 Sanda Lenzholzer and Robert D Brown will complete the comparative study.

Theses related to this study can be found under the following links: Netherlands and BelgiumChinaBulgariaSouth Korea