Thermally comfortable tourists Thessaloniki

A thermally comfortable tourist route in Thessaloniki

2017, tutor: Sanda Lenzholzer, student: Antonia Cangosz

Urban heat and thermal discomfort in urban environment is likely to increase. Considering future predictions, the impact of hot weather on tourism industry of the Mediterranean will have to be considered. This master thesis elaborates on combating urban heat in the touristic centre of Thessaloniki (Greece) where the heat
wave phenomenon is very pronounced. In order to solve this striking problem, a climate responsive design was introduced . Shadow simulations, wind flow analyses and tourist behaviour study, were used to identify problematic spatial configurations (test-beds) along the main tourist route of Thessaloniki.
Based on the results of the analysis integrated design solutions were developed and evaluated through a critera system, in several research through design loops. The highest scoring solutions will improve the thermal perception of walking tourists.